We are NEOWIZ, a full-service, global development-focused publisher; we aid your unique vision and desire to create by shouldering the burdens that too often get in the way – investment & business operations, live service deployment, quality assurance, public relations, community & social management, language localization, live events, and more – leaving you to focus towards developing great games.


For over 20 years, and with numerous studios under the NEOWIZ banner, we proudly serve our partners to recognize the worlds and experiences they’ve envisioned and are committed to building for gamers everywhere.

If you’re a developer seeking to join our mission, we want to hear from you.


Question: Is NEOWIZ Global different from NEOWIZ in Korea?


Answer: Officially established in 2018 to best support global publishing efforts on behalf of NEOWIZ, our Seattle office works hand-in-hand with our colleagues in Korea and Japan (Game On), as well as satellite studios throughout Europe and North America. Our ability to overcome the unique challenges posed by language, culture, and time, sets us apart as an industry leading network of multi-product and multi-platform publishing.

Question: How does NEOWIZ work with developers?


Answer: We forge alliances tailored as uniquely to the needs of each developer as the products they seek to create. Through an intimate product review and extensive market research, we provide options that we are confident will lead to your success, offering an al-a-carte package of services, ranging from as little to as much involvement as the development team ultimately desires.


Some of the services we are prepared to offer include:

  • Strategic Investment

  • Business Operations

  • Live Services

  • Language Localization

  • Quality Assurance

  • Community Management

  • Public Relations

  • Live Events

  • And more

Question: Which developers and partners is NEOWIZ working with?


Answer: Our list of first and third-party studios is extensive, including names such as:

  • Round 8 Studio

  • Ignite Clan


  • Rocky Studio

  • Snowball Studio

  • GameOn

  • S2

  • Pied Piper