Skul: The Hero Slayer is extending its 'Beta Test for Creators' until Jan. 26!

Why is it being extended?

We've received a great amount of support and useful feedback, so we are continuing the process for an additional two weeks, until Jan. 26.

If you're a content creator that uses Keymailer, please apply via our Keymailer application page.

Otherwise, you can apply via our Skul: The Hero Slayer Application Page.

Things to Note

Those chosen to participate in the beta test will be sent a Steam key.

On the lower-left corner of the Steam Library page, click on "Add Game" > Then click "Register a Steam Product" > Input the game key

Please note that only people chosen to participate will receive emails.

If you're not a content creator, don’t worry! You can still wait for the official release and enjoy the demo version in the meantime! [Skul: The Hero Slayer Demo Download Page]