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Bless Pass Season 1 is officially live! Bless Pass allows every Bless Unleashed player to earn rewards by completing weekly missions in Bless Unleashed for FREE. Players who want even more rewards can enhance their Bless Pass by purchasing the Enhanced Bless Pass from the Microsoft store for $14.99!

This season, the Bless Pass features tons of items to help you along in your adventures in Lumios. If you purchase the Enhanced Bless Pass, you can also earn over 100,000 Star Seed, the Blue Buffalo Mount, and the amazing Bunnisher costume! You can see all the rewards in this season’s Bless Pass here.

Note: The following Enhanced Bless Pass tier rewards have been changed from their original rewards:

  • Tier 27 and 46: 30,000 gold changed to 300,000 gold

  • Tier 28: Rare Armor Fortification Stone changed to Rare Weapon Fortification Stone

Additionally, Tier 42 is currently rewarding a Sparkling Dye. This should be Blue Buffalo Mount and will be fixed in a future update. 

These changes only affect the Enhanced Bless Pass rewards.

Does your Bless Pass need a boost? Can’t wait to get your next set of rewards? You will soon be able to purchase a Bless Pass Tier Upgrade Ticket in the Lumena Shop for 800 Lumena. 

Delivered to your Premium Inventory, you can claim this item on one character per account, then activate it from that character’s consumable’s bag. Once used, your Bless Pass will be upgraded by five Tiers instantly! Please note that your Bless Pass cannot be upgraded past Tier 50.

Get ready to start working on those weekly quests, Pyreborn! Your free pass to play dangerously and earn more is waiting for you in Lumios right now!