Brave Nine’s November Update Brings Four New Dominus Octo Companions

The hit Strategy RPG Brave Nine announces its next epic content drop of 2020. With the addition of four (4) legendary Dominus Octo Companions and even more exciting additions to the Jump-Start Quest, there’s never been a better time to jump into NEOWIZ’ premiere mobile RPG. Along with these highly anticipated new Companions comes an epic conclusion to Part II of the Campaign. How will the final battle against the Dominus Octo end, and what trials await our Mercenaries next?

The New Legendary Dominus Octo companions are:

  • Asmode's Companion "Fortisia" - The very first of the succubi and the previous queen of Riasir. Her absolute charm makes it so that a single glimpse and one breath could make people give up their souls. However, there was one being that wasn't affected by her charm, Asmode. They're currently betting on who will be able to charm the other first.

  • Mamonir's Companion "Levidel" - Daughter of Kraken, the lord of the Dead Sea. She asked for Mamonir's help when the Dead Sea was at risk. When Mamonir died due to her sickness, Levidel tried to resurrect Mamonir and ended up sharing part of her soul.

  • Valzé's Companion "Hergeia" - Valzé's younger sister as well as her head maiden. She operates behind Valzé on various tasks. Her goal is to make Valzé the greatest ruler of the Night World by getting rid of Velfern.

  • Velfern's Companion "Elmahav" - The epitome of laziness and the first Vampire. He took care of Velfern and educated him. Finally, he turned Velfern into a vampire as well. Velfern stole the key that opens the door to the abyss and gets locked up while in the process of making Velfern part of his bloodline.

In addition to all this new content, Brave Nine has some fantastic events happening all month long:

  • Legend Skill Book Piece Mission Event: Users can get a Legend Skill Book by collecting its pieces from completing missions each day.

  • A New Genderbent Baine Costume has been added to be obtained in the shop

  • A New Legend Recruit 10+1 event to help players spend their leftover Diamonds

  • 5 Free Legend Skill Transfers with 5 more coming in December!

More info on the latest update, these new Companions, plus full details on the new rewards and story conclusion can be found via the Official Website.

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