Brave Nine’s Winter Just Got Merrier with a Sleigh Full of New Content

Neowiz’ acclaimed Strategy RPG Brave Nine today releases the second part of its big December update: two (2) new costumes in Christmas Bride Valzé Special Costume and Snowfield Lyudmila, a huge update to the Guild System, as well as a special Christmas Journey Limited-Time Event Dungeon to help celebrate the holidays.

Perhaps even more notable to Brave Nine’s long-time fans, long-awaited improvements to Guild functionality are coming! Guilds are getting a brand new mascot in Moi, Granadair’s little sister, who’s taking over the Guild Finances in the wake of Gran’s gluttonous appetite. The biggest change is that a new Guild Main Lobby will be added, and you can enter the various guild-related menus with much greater ease through the new interface.

And for those guilds who feel like they’ve hit a ceiling, the max level for Guilds is increased, along with many more check-in benefits as they level up. Daily check-ins with Moi will help you and your guild earn rewards, and a new system for donating currency to the guild will grant you EXP and contribution for your service.

In addition to all this new content, Brave Nine has some fantastic events happening all month long. A new limited-time Event Dungeon will be added to celebrate the Christmas season. Play in the limited-time dungeon to obtain various rewards as well as the 'Snowfield Lyudmila' Costume. Alche, Rigenette, and Naressa will go on a journey to find the lost Christmas presents, giving rewards as players collect them all.

More info on the latest update, these new Companions, plus full details on the new rewards and story conclusion can be found via the Official Website.