New Guild content: “Conquest BETA”

Conquest is a new GvG content, which you will be able to enjoy after joining a Guild. Three guilds will face each other in real time 1:1:1 match in a new area called the “Sky Island”.Just like the Guild Wars, you can enter Conquest by going to the Match menu. Once you enter the Conquest screen, a new NPC called “Spatti” will guide you through the rules of Conquest.

Guild Conquest will be available a day after the Update on 04:00 Jan 23rd (UTC). With the addition of Conquest, new achievements have been added. When Conquest is officially released after the BETA ends, the rules and gameplay may change. We'll provide further details about Conquest in a separate post.

New Costumes

In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year, new costumes for Iris and Nartas will be added. The Christmas Present Yuri costume that was given out from a previous event will be available as single costume in the Costume Shop for those who missed the event.

New Story

Naressa's World History Episode 7 will be added, and we wish you to enjoy the history told by Naressa!

New Packages

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, new diamond packages will be sold. The Lunar New Year Diamond Packages will be available until the next Scheduled Maintenance. They can be purchased once per account. For more information about the package, please check in-game.

Cursed Scholar Costume Package will be available after the maintenance until the next scheduled maintenance. The package consists of Diamonds, Soul Pieces, and a Nartas Costume.This product may be sold again during the future Lunar New Year season.


Soul Gear Summoning Discount Event will start. Conquest Guide Event and ★5 Skill Book Piece Mission will start a day after the Update. For more information about the events, please check the event announcement > Event Announcement Link

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where voice lines were not playing after Campaign Part II battle ended for Martius, Adel, Laura, Naressa's voice. Exsanguination missing from the Skill Guide in Encyclopedia has been fixed. Guild War Help Text Fixes (English, Japanese, Taiwanese, and French)


After the Update, the purchase limits for the Fortune Bags will reset. You'll be able to purchase them again after the update even if you previously reached the purchase limit.Inactive accounts removed from Arena / Novice Arena matching pool.