SEATTLE - Jan. 9, 2020 | The New Year is starting off right in Brown Dust, as the epic Strategy RPG launches its first major update of 2020. The Evil Castle, a popular in-game challenge ladder, takes center stage with the addition of four new levels. With more than just bragging rights on the line, players will earn diamonds, premium scrolls, honor points, gold, and more upon completing the challenges that await. Better yet, players who login beginning January 9th UTC can take advantage of a special two-week-long Bonus XP event!

Additionally, four highly anticipated Companions will join the roster. Catsy, Aisha, Melodia, and Lorencia are all signing up for duty, ready to aid their Mercenaries with new powerful abilities. Teamed up with Mercenaries Christina, Glacia, Iris, and Maria respectively, each new Companion brings all new ways to face off against foes and allows players to further hone their battle-hardened tactics.

And what New Year Celebration would be complete without a special offer from the store? The New Year Package, which is purchasable with Diamonds earned in-game, will be available Jan. 9th through Jan. 23rd UTC. If you’ve been hoarding your currency, now’s the time to spend, as inside players will find: ★5 Skill Book, Premium Scrolls, Arena Swords, Horseshoes, Red Slime Queens, and Upgrade Potions.

For more information and a complete list of updates, please see the full patch notes on the Official Brown Dust Facebook page.