Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Brings Players 2 New Heroes for Christmas

NEOWIZ is thrilled to share details on the latest update to its epic strategy RPG, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War. The high fantasy Arthurian-inspired game just received its latest update in time for the holiday, bringing with it two powerful new heroes, Bedivere and Sonia, as well as many new Hidden Strengths and changes to game systems.

About Bedivere

A melee guardian hero who attacks a large area with a huge hammer and neutralizes enemies. Bedivere’s turn can cycle faster which allows him to constantly taunt enemies and inflict Debuffs.

About Sonia

A priest Hero that has the ability to heal / support several allies with her dance and tambourine. By removing Debuffs, Sonia frees incapacitated allies, and makes their turn cycle faster getting them back in the fight.

Hidden Strength Updates

Hot on the heels of last month’s update: Season 2: The Broken King, this holiday content drops not only brings the two new heroes, but also several much-requested adjustments to hero balance, changes to crafting, and a reconfiguration of the Hidden Strength system that makes it easier for players to try new builds for their heroes and reset their Hidden Strengths in exchange for Crystals.

In addition, even more heroes are having their Hidden Strengths revealed in the December update. Neowiz are aiming to reveal the Hidden Strengths of a total of 15 Heroes by the February 2021 update, with Nyxia(★5), Prey(★5), Lucifer(★4), Merlin(★3) all receiving their Hidden Strengths in this update.

Available now on iOS and Android, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is filled with hundreds of hours of content for any RPG lover.