Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Welcomes Two New Heroes Just in Time for Halloween

Today, NEOWIZ is excited to announce that its stunning mobile RPG, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, available on iOS and Android is getting two brand new heroes, a slew of quality of life upgrades, and a special Halloween event with epic rewards for all. Aria - a wizard hero obtained through Hero Summons, and Calypso - a support hero that’s obtained through the Halloween event, are both ready to lend their talents to player battles.

★5 Aria (Hero Summon / Drop Rate UP Summon)

A Wizard Hero that uses powerful wide-ranging attacks with continuous damage over time, Aria uses a special skill that can copy the enemy team’s buffs and apply them to herself.

★4 Calypso (Halloween Event)

A support Hero with a skill that increases the survivability of allied Heroes with Leader Skills, excellent for neutralizing enemy buffs. Calypso’s ability to heal may not be as good as other Priests, but she can provide fantastic support by reducing the enemy’s attack and/or granting Continuous Recovery to allies.

Halloween Event - Get Calypso for Free!

All through the Halloween season event, players can collect all kinds of Halloween candy from dungeons and battles, and use them to collect special rewards from the event. One such reward? The new support hero Calypso herself. In addition, Gabriel’s new Halloween costume can be obtained during the event. For a full list of potential rewards, please see our Facebook page detailing all of the update’s changes.

About Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is an easy to pick up, but difficult to master RPG with turn-based combat that prioritizes positioning and skillful party building over button-mashing to win the day. Each Hero has their own Elements and equippable Runes to deploy, with each battle being a test of your wits and ability to outthink the opponent. Can you help Arthur and his Knights of the Round table in their quest to protect the Kingdom of Avalon? Do you have what it takes to lead your friends into battle and emerge victorious?

Players can download Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War now on compatible devices on both the App Store and Google Play.