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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America and Round 8 Studio are proud to announce that Bless Unleashed will officially launch for FREE on Xbox One beginning Thursday March 12, 2020!

Bless Unleashed is a free to play action adventure MMORPG set in the beautifully dangerous world of Lumios. Players must band together to take on massive monsters, and each other, as they search for the truth behind ominous visions and divine secrets.

We’re incredibly thankful to those of you who have been with us since our original announcement and participating in the betas of Bless Unleashed. From our first closed beta all the way to our most recent server stress test, our game wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without your contributions.. We’re infinitely excited to finally lift all the gates and allow you to truly experience all the dangers that lurk in each corner of Lumios’ large and untamed world.

However, for fans who are interested in getting a head start on the competition, we’re also excited to announce our Founder’s Packs, which are available for pre-order today in the Microsoft Store. Founder’s Packs are designed to prepare you for your adventure into Bless Unleashed with a myriad of goodies (including exclusive items) and unlocking head start access to get you playing up to 15 days before launch!

Want to win a Founder’s Pack? Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Mixer, and Instagram where we’ll be giving away Founder’s Packs beginning today! Want to increase your odds? Follow our Preferred Content Creators once announced for more chances at scoring a Founder’s Pack!

Get ready to play dangerously! Don’t want to wait? Pick up a Founder’s Pack today!