Early Access Starts on Feb. 4

We've decided to launch into Early Access to gather as much feedback as possible to improve the game. While we're doing our best to get the game fully completed, we need your help and insight to put the finishing touches on it and make it the best game it can be.

'Beta Test for Creators' Drawing to a Close

We've decided to conclude the beta test on Jan. 20. Although the exact time we will shut it down varies due to time zone differences. Just note that you won't be able to play the beta version anymore starting on Jan. 21.

Feedback from the 'Beta Test for Creators'

Since starting the beta testing on Dec. 30, we've received an overwhelming amount of support from everyone and for that we're very grateful. We've taken your feedback to heart and are doing everything we can to turn your suggestions into a reality. Check out below for some examples of what we're working on.

Game Balancing and Optimization

We received a lot of feedback regarding Metal Unit's current balancing/difficulty level and we are hard at work trying to make the game as fair as possible. This is something that we will continue to perfect even after the game's official release since it is such an important aspect of gameplay. We're also working on beefing up the tutorial to make the game's initial learning curve a little less steep.

Polishing the Game Contents

Metal Unit being a platformer, making the movement and attack/evade actions as smooth as possible is extremely important. And after reviewing the feedback from the beta testing we found that it's taking people longer than expected to get used to the controls. So for this reason we've decided to add several tutorials to the game to clearly show all of the capabilities at your disposal and how to effectively use them. Once we're done with this process, the controls should be much more satisfying and intuitive to use. This is definitely going to have a very positive impact on the gameplay, so you can look forward to this.

Fixing All Confirmed Bugs

As you all know, bugs can really destroy a game's immersion and ruin the experience. So during the beta testing we spent most of our time and resources fixing any game-breaking bugs that were found. And we're going to do our best to have as many more bugs fixed before EA starts as we can, and that also should have a big effect on gameplay.