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Free-To-Play Launch

We are happy to announce that Bless Unleashed, the premier FREE-TO-PLAY action MMORPG on Xbox, is now officially live! It's been a long road and there's no way we would have made it here without all the support from our fans as well as all the hard work from our teammates working behind the scenes. Are you ready to begin your adventure and discover the secrets hiding within the world of Lumios?

Server Information

We're expecting a lot of players to flow in today and have put our best foot forward to provide the best free-to-play launch experience possible! Outside of technical tweaks (and employing more hamsters), we've turned on a second NA World named Lumenas! This second NA-based server is to help avoid long queue times. Please note that Lumenas will be separate from Physera meaning players on different servers will not be able to play together. Choose carefully -- server transfers are not available! (OCE players we see you too! No concrete plans yet, but we are keeping an eye on it).

NA Server List

  • Physera

  • Lumeas

EU Server List

  • Teleos

Star Seed Bonanza

Don't forget that Part 2 of our Star Seed Bonanza is going on right now! Reap the benefits by signing in and claiming your daily Star Seed! More information on our news post over here!

Live Stream?

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ll be joining the live streams of some of our Preferred Content Creators on throughout launch day! Make sure to keep an eye on Twitter to find out where we’ll be!

Thank You

Thank you to our amazing community and player base for your support. We are excited to get Bless Unleashed to as many people as possible and this is only the first step! #PlayDangerously #IWasThere #MakeThemPray

Play dangerously and download Bless Unleashed on your Xbox One for free right now!