RELEASE NOTES: 2/26/2020

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New Content/Gameplay Changes

Pre-Download is now live and players can begin downloading the latest version of Bless Unleashed before servers open tomorrow at 10AM PST for Ultimate Founder’s Pack Headstart.

Level cap has been raised to 45.

Enemies now scale with player level.

The following new zones are now accessible:

  • Kannus Valley

  • Timeless Jungle

  • Zenkala

  • Beoran

  • Ostium

  • Eidolon Forest

  • Estates can now be accessed once reaching a certain point of the story line.

  • Unions may now be joined upon reaching a certain part in the story.

  • New Dance Emote Soul Pyres have been streamlined by combining the sit and share food features.

  • Star Seed resurrection is now limited to 5 times per day.

  • Warrior's Talent merchants have been added to end game zones.

  • You can earn Warrior’s Talents by defeating dungeons.


Players now have the means to obtain all the other blessings in the game that couldn't be obtained in OBT. These include the following:

  • Night Wind

  • Storm Chaser

  • Centurion's Command


New Gathering Nodes:

  • There are now normal, large, and corrupted nodes.

  • Normal offers the single resource drops.

  • Note: Gathering boosts which can be found in the Lumena shop only work on normal nodes.

  • Large nodes can be harvested multiple times.

  • Corrupted nodes were seen in beta and can be harvested for multiple resources. A crystal is dropped when the node is depleted. Turn this in for awesome rewards!

  • Shrub gathering nodes now appear as well.


New Arenas

  • The Cursed Knight - Level 24

  • The Fiendlord Executioner - Level 28


  • Rutus Mines - Halls of the Dead - Level 31

  • Dreamscale Ruins - Hall of the Eclipse - Level 33

  • Rutus Mines - Depths of Corruption - Level 34

  • Dungeon chests may contain sealed chests.

Players will need a sealed chest key in order to open these chests.

All players get one sealed chest key each day beginning at level 20. You may not have more than one sealed chest key except:

Valor Perks provides one additional sealed chest key each day.You may not have more than 1 (or 2 with Valor Perks) sealed chest keys.

New Lairs:

  • Shadow Visions - Level 33

  • Chamber of the Ancient - Level 35

  • New Abyssal Dungeons:

These are the elite version of dungeons

  • Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen - Level 35

  • Savantis Mausoleum - Altar of Blood - Level 36

Players may get an Abyssal Chest at the end of an Abyssal Dungeon, these will require Abyssal Chest Keys to open.

  • Abyssal Chest Keys become available at level 35.

  • You get one abyssal chest key per day.

  • You may never have more than one Abyssal Chest Key.

  • There is no way to get additional Abyssal Chest Keys.


Bless Pass Season 1 Begins March 13!

  • All players have access to a basic Bless Pass for free.A Premium Bless Pass may be purchased in the Microsoft Store for $14.99 beginning March 13.

The Lumena Shop is now open!

  • Players may purchase Lumena through the Microsoft Store.Lumena may be used in the Lumena Shop to purchase a variety of Cosmetic and convenience items.

  • The Lumena Shop may be accessed from the main menu in the top right corner.


New Enhancement NPCs are available:


  • Lower cost, higher chance of failure, potential for destruction of item on failure.


  • Standard cost, standard chance of failure, potential for repairable failure.


  • (Higher Cost) Requires Starseed, standard chance of failure, guaranteed to not lose enhancement level on failure.


  • Equipment can now go as high as Mythical.

Bound Equipment:

  • Unbinding Scrolls can be used to clear soul binding on equipment at the Equipment Specialist. They may be purchased at the limited time merchant.


  • The Limited Time Merchant now sells a rune identification scroll.

  • No longer are the concerns of "what's under the question mark" with a Rune Identification Scroll!

  • Simply use it and know what will be unlocked on future fortification upgrades.


  • Mounts now gather sprint boost while not mounted.

  • We’ve added a ton of new mounts!



  • Now for multiple level players

  • Level 20-27 players

  • Level 28+ players

Warlords Arena:

  • 3v3 Team PvP

  • Level 28+ players

Open world PvP:

  • Players can enable open world PvP can now be enabled at level 20.

PvP is not allowed in the following areas:

  • All of Carzacor Plains

  • All of Navarra

  • All of the Gnoll Wastes

  • Rosso Castle in the Ruins of Tristezza

  • Yeoman’s District in Padana Ruins

  • Rabin Village in Eidolon Forest

  • The Starlight Theater Encampment in Ostium

  • Arduun Village in Beoran

  • Skaa Village in Kannus Valley

  • The Herbati Village in Kannus Mountains

  • The Red Sun Base in the Timeless Jungle

  • Sharp Talon Village in Zenkala

  • Within 15 meters of all Soul Pyres



  • A number of achievements have been enabled allowing users access to more Gamerscore!

User Interface:

  • Tutorial Notification

  • View Guild Member Login Notification

  • View Skill Insufficient Resource Alarm

  • Display Prana notice

  • Nearby item announcements

  • Player HP (Percentage, Figure, Both, Neither)

  • Monster HP (Percentage, Figure, Both, Neither)

  • Display effect text

  • Display Monster effect text

  • Display player damage

  • Display player healing

  • Display Monster damage

  • Display Gear Score penalty


  • Two extra button layouts for players can be found in the settings (Layouts 4 & 5).

Known Issues

  • Ranger: Blessing: Night Wind: Smoke Bomb: Passive skill "Blinding Smoke" does not function correctly.

  • Guilds cannot edit their Info or Announcement window.

  • The “Rune Identification Tome” item text is currently outdated. It should say, “Rune Scrying Scroll: used to reveal all locked runes on an item, showing the type and order of runes that will be unlocked as it is upgraded.”

  • Some of the Estate Worker NPCs are incorrectly named “Miners” when they should be “Farmers.” (Note: this affects only the name above the NPC’s head, not the contract or hiring UI. If you’re unsure about an NPC, check their trait before hiring or assigning them.)

  • The message you receive in the mail for completing certain trials may not list the correct name of the trial. (You still receive the intended reward, and the trial appears correctly in your trials UI. The name in the congratulations message just needs to be updated.)

  • While outside of your Estate, you can use the World Map to permanently “Dismiss” a laborer from your estate. This button is currently incorrectly labeled “Cancel Production.” Do not press this button unless you want to permanently delete your worker from your Estate.

  • While inside of your Estate, you can interact with a structure’s signpost to make a laborer “Cancel Production” and return to the labor pool. This button is currently incorrectly labeled “Dismiss.”

  • The "Bedazzled" XBOX achievement appears to trigger whenever you put any accessory on, rather than requiring you to activate the item effects of accessories in both slots.