The Abyss Prison and Byakko Breathe New Life into Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War

NEOWIZ today launched the latest content update for its wildly popular strategy RPG, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War. The high fantasy Arthurian-inspired title just added the new swordsman hero Byakko, a brand new Rune Dungeon called the Abyss Prison, as well as a renewed Spirit Summon feature, as well as many new Hidden Strengths and changes to game systems.

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New Rune Dungeon - Abyss Prison

Protected by Archfiend Belial, the Abyss Prison is a terrifying realm where Belial summons a powerful clone that’s as strong as himself and can perform pincer attacks on your allies. If Belial’s clone receives damage, his real body also receives damage. But the more clones he spawns on the battlefield, the more his attack power increases. You must destroy them all before he overwhelms your party.

If you’re successful, you have a chance to earn the Guardian Rune, which grants a Shield to all allies at the start of battles. Its effects become stronger for each Guardian Rune set equipped by your party.

About Byakko - (★5, Drop Rate UP/ Heroic Summon)

Like Suzaku and Genbu, Byakko is one of the four main members of the Masked Owls Special Operations Team. The brutality of a swordsman and the innocence of a young boy coexists within him, making him a formidable opponent, and an excellent friend.

Byakko is a melee fighter that can instantly inflict great damage depending on the number of Buffs the enemy has. He has a special ability to become stronger when the enemy takes action to recover their Action Gauge quickly.

Spirit Summon Updates

Since the beginning of Season 2 last year, many Light & Dark Heroes have been added to the game, but it’s been hard to get them until now. With this update, the Spirit Summon feature will allow you to summon your desired hero after pre-selecting 8 Heroes. This greatly enhances the likelihood that you’ll get the Hero you’re hoping for by allowing you to tell the game exactly who you want. You can reset the 8-hero summoning list by using a “Reset Summoning List” item available in the shop.

About Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is an easy to pick up, but difficult to master RPG with turn-based combat that prioritizes positioning and skillful party building over button-mashing to win the day. Each Hero has their own Elements and equippable Runes to deploy, with each battle being a test of your wits and ability to outthink the opponent. Can you help Arthur and his Knights of the Round table in their quest to protect the Kingdom of Avalon? Do you have what it takes to lead your friends into battle and emerge victorious?

Players can download Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War now on compatible devices on both the App Store and Google Play.