Zett Powers His Way Into Blade Assault Today

NEOWIZ is thrilled to announce the release of one of the biggest Blade Assault updates ever. Players will be introduced to an all-new playable character named Zett who brings powerful gameplay mechanics into the fray. In addition, a pair of new NPCs have been added and are ready and waiting for players around the world. In addition, Blade Assault will be taking part in an upcoming NEOWIZ Publisher’s Sale where it will be 40% off from April 28th through May 9th!

Here’s what players can expect to find in the Jack and Jean update:

  • Zett is an all-new playable character who uses “DOOM”, a mechanical gauntlet as his main weapon. As expected, DOOM packs a wallop and gets faster as Zett loses HP. When things get really dire, Zett can activate a shield to help him get to safety.

  • The Drone System has been updated with an opportunity for players to visit Hailey to change the type of drone they’d like to use. Drones can be Red, Energy, Medic Box, and/or Machine Gun.

  • Two new NPCs have been added: Jack and Jean. These two randomly appear in Hotel Halona and offer players new gear choices or a buff.

  • Depending on “Friendship Level”, players can also summon Randolph right before a boss stage and buy a potion.

  • During Steam’s “Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence” event, Blade Assault will be 40% off. This huge discount will last through May 9, 2022.

Those looking for more information can find it on the Blade Assault Steam page.

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